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More stuff to show

2017-07-19 18:27:32 by Cholos

This looks cool I decided to make this my sec hair lmfao.


Drakath Head

2017-07-18 19:45:17 by Cholos

Consider it done!

I've done all sides.


Tell me if you want the sprite or just wait till i finish the set,thanks!


2017-07-17 18:55:55 by Cholos

Ok, I'm making a special sprite for those AQW people who love chaos!

That's right! I'm making the Chaos Champion Drakath!

I've completed the hair and I'm starting with the body but here's a little peek ;P


Hope you enjoy the stuff I make! ;P

Supreme Judgement Lord Sprite

2017-07-17 13:07:15 by Cholos

Yes! An Acsended Judgement Lord!





Enjoy and don't forget to give credits!

AAHW Boss Sprite

2017-07-16 17:36:55 by Cholos

You got that right,an AAHW Boss Sprite.

Here's The SWF:


Here's The Fla:


Now Enjoy and gimme the credits! ;)

Well this sucks

2017-07-13 08:47:01 by Cholos

Can someone tell me how to make gmod work because it closes everytime its loading.


2017-07-12 18:37:31 by Cholos

I'm honestly bored,everyday I wake up.

I open my laptop and start animating but while I'm in the middle of animating I just delete everything and It's not because of lazyness,It's just that I'm just bored and it's always the same thing like: 'Oh let me animate a guy going on a killing spree in a building in the middle of nowhere'.

I just wanna do something different...

I'm not saying that I'm gonna stop animating or something but maybe I could continue making stuff like attachments,guns,melees and other shit...

Well let's just say that I won't be dead,I'll keep posting some news and updates about stuff and maybe you could pm me about what I could make.

To be honest I feel like I'm getting better at making stuff but I'll make sure to improve more.


Well I hope you guys have a wonderfull day.



2017-07-12 11:54:27 by Cholos

Wew Almost 50 fans!

Thank you guys!


2017-07-11 18:47:12 by Cholos

What the hell is this supposed to be?


Lmfao xD

2017-07-11 10:52:45 by Cholos


Is there another Delamortes? wtf xD