New Unit

2017-12-12 12:40:02 by Cholos


Shadow Watchers are agents that has the ability to blend in with the shadow, they can use the shadows to mimic their own form and lure the enemies into their trap. The Shadow Watchers are known for having 3 headed red leaves on them and for hiding their true identity.

Some of them are actually missing body parts, it happened to be a result for reviving a dead person whose body had been infected by the waste land. Turning them into an undead with super human strength and speed they can be quite dangerous if not cautious.


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2017-12-12 13:31:04

Aha,We Are See -_-

Cholos responds:

Don't worry someday I'll animate, when I'm not busy.


2017-12-12 18:16:57


Cholos responds:

When dead peeps want to look sexy but they realize that they're missing some limbs.