Praise the light

2018-01-17 15:46:37 by Cholos

Are you a piece of shit? Do you have no future? Are you a fat kid who sits 24 hours on his ps4 playing some call of duty? You're just the type of person that even their mother does'nt like!

Embrace the light child and start training.


Now scram and get some respect.

Ya UselessĀ FAGGOT.


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2018-01-17 16:32:40

Looks like this religion has a bright future ahead! Where can I join?

Cholos responds:

You can sign here.


2018-01-17 16:47:38

you made a post about me, yay. ima go kms cuz ur right

Cholos responds:

Praise the light!


2018-01-17 17:07:08

praise the light indeed