2017-10-18 13:34:36 by Cholos

Welp I've been wondering about if I should start drawing some shit and I've kinda been improving.

I've been trying to learn how to draw myself using flash since I don't have a drawing pad which sucks cuz I know how to draw with my hand not the mouse, but hey atleast I'm getting better at drawing on pc. When I always come home I just sit down on my desk, drink some tea maybe smoke some pot too and play on my xbox and when some little douches annoy me I get instantly log out of my account quickly get my bong, smoke some pot and then get to my pc laptop and try making shit.

I see that I've been talking alot so goodbye.



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2017-10-18 15:22:44

How bout you finally animate something

Cholos responds:

idk what to animate, I'm out of ideas.